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Souls of the North

Souls of the North presented now-neglected traditions from the North of England and Scotland that imagine or challenge death, celebrate the dead, and that were once popular throughout the region before the advent of modern and commercialised Halloween.

 The spectacle included:

  • a death-and-resurrection play with an intimidating array of personalities
  • live music from Scotland and England’s North, such as soul cake songs and the Lyke Wake Dirge
  • a depiction of early dance
  • traditional poems and and ballads
  • rarely-seen instruments performed by specialists in early music

There have been two sold-out shows so far, on 2nd September in Palace Green Concert Hall and 11th November 2018 in Durham Castle. The productions were directed by Lieven Baert, a professional choreographer from Ghent, and supported by an incredible cast and team of volunteers.

All photographs credited to Michael Baker.


Lieven Baert, Doris Von der Aue, Janet Hutchinson, Ann Blakeley, Sarah Rosen


Horse: Gasper Jakovac; Younger Sister: Magali Guastalegnanne; King George: Burt Hunter; Lord Nelson: Mark Chambers; Miser: Stephen Regan; Mary: Ann Blakeley; Black Prince of Paradise: Lieven Baert; Doctor: Doris Von cler Aue; Derry Doubt: Emily Smith; Beelzebub: Sarah Rosen; Princess: Adele Cooke; Dragon: Mark Chambers, Gasper Jakovac, Emily Smith; Skeletons: Alyssa Mae Broughton, Lucy McKenna, Jack Flash Moses


Hector Sequera (lute), Gawain Glenton (cornetto, recorder), Antonia Pereira (recorder), Marcus Pound (mandola), Barbara Ravelhofer (cr•wth, vihuela),
Emily Smith (flute), Zein Checri (percussion), Judith Harper (fiddle), Paul Martin (fiddle, pipes and drums), Ian McKone (voice, fiddle and drums), Helen Barber (voice, hurdy-gurdy)

Backstage support

Michael Baker, Clare and Jeramie Barker, Ros Barnes, Alistair Brown, Robert Carver, Eleanor Diggle, Mike Huxtable, Charlotte McCarthy, Val Standen, Jiika Stollova, Diana Wyatt


Lieven Baert, Emma Berry


Barbara Ravelhofer

Artistic Director and Choreography

Lieven Baert

Special Thanks to

Catherine Alexander and Kate Foy

Filmed by

Candle & Bell (Maria Caruana Galizia and Philip Quinton)