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The REED-NE team involves editors from previous REED volumes as well as experts on medieval and early modern history, theatre, the visual arts, dance and music.

Prof. John McKinnell (PI, Durham) is the project director. He is editor of the REED Durham volume. He organised the Conference and Exhibition in summer 2016. As a producer of medieval drama, he was organiser of the 2016 Summer Festival.

Prof. McKinnell has mounted reconstructions/re-creations  locally and internationally: for instance, plays from mystery cycles (Odense, Denmark, 1998; Durham and York, 1988 and 1992), and the Durham Corpus Christi Plays (at the Cathedral, in 2000). The latter inspired the Durham production of 10 modern mystery plays in 2010, with McKinnell as advisor, which had a significant tourism impact. For all past Durham theatrical performances, McKinnell recruited local amateur singers, actors and stage hands, which made these events locally very popular and ensured good regional media coverage.

Prof. Barbara Ravelhofer (Co-I, Durham) is the project co-director. She will work with the project’s two PhD candidates. As an expert on early dance, she will work with theatre professionals at the Summer Festival in 2016.

Prof. Ravelhofer plays several early instruments and has been involved in large-scale historical festivals. For 20 years, she has worked closely with a professional choreographer and theatre producer, Lieven Baert. Baert’s productions often involve participants of different levels of artistic competence and yet achieve a homogeneous overall effect, for which he has gained an international reputation (guest teacher at Stanford, producer in Madrid, Bruges, Mexico City &c.). He is artistic director of Germany’s largest historical festival at Landshut, where local amateurs achieve high-quality results after intensive training.

Dr Diana Wyatt (RA, Durham) is editor of the REED East Yorkshire volume and organised the Conference, Festival and Exhibition in summer 2016.

Dr. Mark Chambers (RA, Durham) was the full-time research associate for REED NE and co-organiser of the Conference, Festival and Exhibition in summer 2016 (

Prof. Sally-Beth MacLean (University of Toronto) is Director of Research at the REED headquarters in Toronto and General Editor of the REED series.

Prof. Robert Alexander (Point Park University) is editor of the REED Percy family papers volume.

Prof. David Klausner (University of Toronto) is editor of the REED North Yorkshire volume.

Prof. Edward McGee (Waterloo University) is co-editor of the REED West Yorkshire volume.

Mrs Sylvia Thomas (former county archivist for West Yorkshire) is co-editor of the REED West Yorkshire volume.

Prof. Suzanne Westfall (Lafayette College) is editor of the REED Northumberland volume.