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Cast and Production Team


Lucas – Helen Barber

Cleophas – Chris Wagstaffe

Jesus – Mark Chambers

Jacobus – David Harris

Mattheus – Ian Robley

Bartholomeus – Hannah Earnshaw

Philippus – Ben Fox

Judas – Simon Speight

Symon – Sheila Hingley

Andreas – Keith Pratt

Johannes – Heather Prestwich

Jacobus minor – Vivienne Holmes

Petrus – Geoff  McIntyre

Thomas  – Craig Thompson

Acolyte – Ben Kashouris

Portative Organ – Angela Robley

Production Team

Musical Research – Margot Fassler

Musical Director, Prompt  – Angie Robley

Stage Manager and Projectionist – Richard Higgins

Stage Hands – Roz Layton, Phillip Layton

Wardrobe Mistress – Rosamund Barnes

Costumes and curtains – Rosamund Barnes, Norma Goff, Tina Bickerdyke, Diana Boiston, Elaine Edwards, Judy McKinnell, Cheryl Penna, Krys Stenhouse, Ann Winthrop

Tickets and posters – Mike Huxtable

Front of House – Judy McKinnell, Sondra Pratt, Koren Kuntz, Curtis Runstedler

Treasurer – David Knight

Director – John McKinnell

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